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This can be easily done with Thermacell as follows: Scribe out the curve/shape in an unfilled Thermacell wall.

It is important they understand that the concrete is the total strength of the structure.
If the producer you have chosen is operated by a Central Dispatch System it is important to speak with a Customer Service Representative or the Technical Manager at their laboratory

The door frame is secured to wooden retaining blocks as follows:

About Thermacell

Plaster sheeting is adhered to the Thermacell wall by using ordinary stud adhesive.
The adhesive is daubed in several places on the wall...

Plumbing and electrical cables are fitted into the polystyrene on the inside of the walls, after the walls and roof are completed. The polystyrene is easily grooved back to the concrete core to allow plumbing pipes and fittings to be installed, prior to the erection of plaster sheeting....

As with every rendering process, it’s essential that you follow a few basic rules. Ensure the Thermacell block surface that the render is being applied to is absolutely clean, free of dust...

We are often asked, “Do I have to build on a slab, or should I use footings?” This question arises because some people prefer to have a wooden floor, rather than a slab....

The positioning of steel reinforcement should be as per the Thermacell Residential Engineering Design Manual. Usually, the steel required for a Thermacell house is one Y-12 reinforcing bar on either side of each window and doorway on the external walls...

Thermacell blocks are built up from footings. Floor joists are mounted within the Thermacell blocks & the blocks filled with concrete to floor level.

Wooden top plates are usually fixed to the top of the walls by using 250mm bolts or hoop iron set into the wet concrete, situated approximately 1.00-1.25m apart....

We recommend the use of 25mpa concrete for all walls. They can be hand-filled in stages or pumped up to 2.5m high in one application. We suggest that the first two courses of blocks (500mm) be hand-filled...

Wall Bracing -  Thermacell

While not essential, some builders who use Thermacell also chose to use their own braces. Bracing gives builders extra piece of mind, knowing that the walls will go up as quickly and easily as they require...


Over the nearly thirty years Thermacell has been in business, we have worked with several different builders, construction companies and tradesmen. We have compiled a list of just some of these builders and tradesmen Read More

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