imageOwner-builder - Steve Ryan“We first discovered Thermacell at the Melbourne Home Show in 1999 and were impressed by the apparent ease of construction and the thermal qualities of Thermacell. Geoff Bennett (owner of Thermacell) generously allowed us to inspect his home, which was built using Thermacell. We were amazed at how cool his house was in the middle of summer — and the soundproofing qualities impressed us as well. We decided to experiment and built a 12m2 shed out of Thermacell. We had no previous building experience and we found the product really easy to work with.
imageMichael Pratt of Pratt Builders.
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"A lot of people don’t like to think outside the square, they’re a little bit scared I think, set in their building practices, whereas, especially with the utility costs in this day & age, they keep rising, and you have look at avenues to save on power usage, and heating & cooling and you can’t go wrong using this product."
imageTrevor and Megan Ryan - Owner Builders - Phillip IslandIn 2000 came across a magazine article and found a product called Thermacell so after lengthy research of similar products we decided to use Thermacell. For the reasons of, we believe it to be the best block on the market, the after sales service and help far exceeds we would class as normal. Upon starting the project Geoff from Thermacell came down and delivered the blocks and helped get us started on using the Thermacell blocks. Also Geoff from Thermacell liaised with our Engineer on numerous occasions. On completion we found Thermacell to be a fantastic building product as owner builders, also its noise and insulation factor has proven to be better than expected. We have would have no hesitation in recommending Thermacell and have done so to friends and other owner builders..View Our Home
imagePastor Rod Whitford of the Western Port Christian Family Church at Tyabb Vic. "Some years ago our church decided to construct a storage facility and office to store food products for distribution to the poor and needy in our community. We decided to use the Thermacell insulated building system because of its strength, and insulated properties necessary for the storage of food products. also because of its ease of construction that allowed a working bee made up from members of our Church. The building went up quickly and has been a great success. This building keeps the atmosphere cool and dry, and was inexpensive to build. Recently we built a 50 Sq. Metre extension to house our Sunday school. Again our church working bee constructed this Thermacell extension We constructed the building using those that were available several women and a few men, it was easy to use and every one enjoyed the process. We had the walls up in a matter of 3 days and had the building to lock up stage in just a week. The following weekend the electricians came in and then the next weekend we plastered the walls and ceiling and carpeted the floor in total we were about 14 days from slab to finished. This room has good acoustics and is warm and cosy and the children love it. We call it the "Greenhouse". With a double glazed window and the insulated walls, the atmosphere is always excellent. Building these buildings by the church members gives a sense of satisfaction and achievement" View More
imagePeter Clarke - Clear Range Constructions - Canberra ACT
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"I started building with ICF’s in 2003. The Thermacell ICF has proved to be easy, fast and cost effective to build with. The light weight blocks require no on site assembly with the block keyways fitting together as easy as ‘lego blocks’. Over the past seven years I have built numerous homes either designed for ICF’s or amended from brick veneer. When combined with double glazing, hydronic in-slab heating and passive solar design the homes provide outstanding comfortable living. In 2005 I built a passive and active solar designed home for a client in Conder, ACT. The home was constructed using Thermacell 200 blocks and double glazed windows. The heating system is hydronic in-slab via a gas boiler. The clients 2009 winter quarter gas bill was $160, this also included backup gas for the solar hot water and the gas cook top. I believe the ICF system is the way to build a high energy efficient home. Thermacell provides this cost effectively to my clients who all say they would now not live in any other homes.View More
imageGeoff Bennett - Managing Director - Thermacell Australia"In 1997 My wife and I began to build our new Thermacell home at Somerville. We had already build a large equipment shed on the property where we built our office and stored our Thermacell blocks. We have been conducting our business from there until now. We completed the home in January 1998 and moved in. We have been displaying our home to interested person since then. I would like to say our home is thermally efficient due to the Thermacell wall and the use of Double glazed windows. The home is very quiet and noise the road and roundabout outside is hardly discernible. Heating costs are down to about 5% of a normal uninsulated home." View Our Home


Over the nearly thirty years Thermacell has been in business, we have worked with several different builders, construction companies and tradesmen. We have compiled a list of just some of these builders and tradesmen Read More

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