The benefits of building with Thermacell are self-evident. Because of the size of the blocks, the walls can be erected quickly. With bigger and lighter blocks, labour costs are heavily reduced, no heavy lifting is required, the product is less tiring to work with, and construction is finished sooner. Unlike other building systems, Thermacell does not demand all the skills that solid brick and brick veneer require. A good leading hand with two or three labourers can successfully build with Thermacell, making it more accurately a form worker or a carpenter’s job.

Thermacell will cost you less per square metre in labour costs alone. Owner-builders also have the comfort of knowing that Thermacell walls can be put up so easily, with little or no prior building knowledge or experience.

Building with Thermacell is also efficient because of the tightly interlocking keyways, which help to eliminate cement leakage when pouring. This, again, reduces the time and costs of labour - for instance, the hire of renderers who would otherwise charge additional costs to repair, prepare and render any concrete spilt through gaps.

Building With Thermacell


Over the nearly thirty years Thermacell has been in business, we have worked with several different builders, construction companies and tradesmen. We have compiled a list of just some of these builders and tradesmen Read More

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