Thermacell homes are very quiet to live in, especially when both the internal and exterior walls are made of Thermacell blocks.
Essentially it’s the concrete core that is responsible for stopping the transmission of sound through the wall.

Combined with double-glazed windows, Thermacell walls will soundproof any house from noisy streets outside, and from internal noise transmitted from room to room. The concrete core also gives good acoustics, which is beneficial for built-in theatre rooms.

It’s because of these great acoustic properties that the Thermacell system has been used with such success on large-scale building projects like Hobart’s Federation Concert Hall.

Sound &  Accoustics of Thermacell


Over the nearly thirty years Thermacell has been in business, we have worked with several different builders, construction companies and tradesmen. We have compiled a list of just some of these builders and tradesmen Read More

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