Building with Thermacell

The tight interlocking keyways of the Thermacell simply and easily lock together like LEGO blocks, which makes the system very easy to build with. Thermacell lets you build at your own pace, without the need for builders and labourers...

Building with Thermacell

Thermacell blocks are more stable, have tighter keyways (which help to hold the blocks together while they are being filled) and much less bracing is needed to hold the walls in position....

History of Thermacell

Thermacell is Australia’s smart way to build. For nearly three decades our German-designed and Australian-innovated system has allowed owner-builders all over the country to build the finest quality homes. The Thermacell system is more stable than others....

Fire Prone Areas

The polystyrene in the Thermacell blocks contains a natural fire retardant. When exposed to a source of heat, our blocks only shrink - they do not ignite. According to the head of the fire testing section of the CSIRO, in the event of fire Thermacell blocks will not lose their integrity...

History of Thermacell

“We first discovered Thermacell at the Melbourne Home Show in 1999 and were impressed by the apparent ease of construction and the thermal qualities of Thermacell,” he says. “Geoff Bennett (owner of Thermacell) generously allowed us to...

History of Thermacell

The Thermacell system looks easy – and it becomes even easier when you see and understand how you can easily put together your own home, using just a few basic Thermacell blocks....


Over the nearly thirty years Thermacell has been in business, we have worked with several different builders, construction companies and tradesmen. We have compiled a list of just some of these builders and tradesmen Read More

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