As with every rendering process, it’s essential that you follow a few basic rules.

Ensure the Thermacell block surface that the render is being applied to is absolutely clean, free of dust & foreign matter.

Always apply a good quality acrylic render incorporated with an acrylic-coated fibreglass mesh, which delivers amazing impact strength. Ask us for our Preferred Trade & Product List.
The render should consist of one layer of render or skimcoat with the fibreglass mesh trowelled into it, followed by a second coat of render. The texture coating is applied next, and this can be trowelled or sprayed on, followed by an 'armour coat', applied with a roller. The total depth of these coatings should be approximately 5mm.

The first two coats of render are mixed with an acrylic adhesive to obtain suitable adhesion to the polystyrene surface. If correctly applied, it should not crack and should last a lifetime.
Manufacturers’ instructions should be strictly adhered to.

Remember, ordinary render as applied over brickwork will NOT adhere to polystyrene blocks. The cutting of corners to save a few dollars is asking for trouble, and you will not be satisfied with the end product.

Please contact Thermacell Australia if you require any further information or assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend that the wall surface be thoroughly cleaned down, removing any yellow powder that may be on the surface. We suggest you use a yard broom to clean up and roughen the surface.


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