Thermacell blocks are more stable, have tighter keyways (which help to hold the blocks together while they are being filled) and much less bracing is needed to hold the walls in position.

Thermacell blocks do not require assembly with metal or plastic spacers, or bridges; neither do they need solid bracing on both sides of the wall. This saves about three times the labour costs in assembling the wall, let alone the cost of hiring the braces.

Thanks to their enormous strength, Thermacell blocks can be pumped, in one operation, to heights up to 2½ - 3 metres, without fear of ‘blowing out’. This represents valuable time saved in filling the walls. Some of our opposition’s blocks can only safely be filled from two to three courses at a time, or they risk ‘blowing out’ ... causing another kind of blow-out, in wastage of time and pumping costs!

The engineering of Thermacell blocks also means that our blocks have a lower height for the bridges, which allows for a higher sideways flow of concrete, giving greater strength to the wall. Thermacell also saves you the additional costs of purchasing inserts, as each block now has a blank at the end that is simply punched out when not needed.

With Thermacell it’s easy to lay horizontal steel reinforcement in the blocks, and because of the depth of the cross-flow - and the size of the vertical columns - much less steel reinforcement is necessary. Thermacell walls are designed to work with less reinforcement than our opposition’s blocks - yet another cost saving.

Cost is probably the biggest single concern of any user. Make sure you do your homework, and carefully investigate the total cost of using any particular system.

Be sure to add up the costs of:
  • The blocks
  • Transport and delivery charges
  • Time taken and the speed of assembly
  • Any wastage
  • Hire of bracing
  • Cost of pumping concrete
  • Time taken to pump walls
  • Wasted time for concrete trucks and concrete pump operators
  • All steel reinforcing required

We are confident that Thermacell’s costs are considerably less than all other similar products


Over the nearly thirty years Thermacell has been in business, we have worked with several different builders, construction companies and tradesmen. We have compiled a list of just some of these builders and tradesmen Read More

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