We are often asked, “Do I have to build on a slab, or should I use footings?”

This question arises because some people prefer to have a wooden floor, rather than a slab. It may be that the building site is a steep one, or they might want to build the base up to a given level using Thermacell blocks, then fill up the site with suitable filling, or to construct a wooden floor, or perhaps build a garage underneath the main portion of the house.

All these variations are possible using Thermacell.

If you plan to build a garage underneath your house, the 250mm block is recommended, as its strength enables it to double as a retaining wall and structural wall. 250mm &/or 200mm blocks can then be used to construct the external walls on the next two storeys. The interior walls can be built with 125mm blocks if there is a slab under them.

Alternatively, a timber frame can be installed within the Thermacell outer wall. Timber frames are slightly cheaper than 125mm walls, but the Thermacell walls are worth the extra cost as they considerably strengthen the outside walls and improve the sound deadening and acoustic properties, and ultimately give better control over heating and cooling throughout the house.


Over the nearly thirty years Thermacell has been in business, we have worked with several different builders, construction companies and tradesmen. We have compiled a list of just some of these builders and tradesmen Read More

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