YES! The cost is comparable with brick veneer. Like anything, costs can move up or down depending upon the type of home, location and cost of time, labour, timber, steel and concrete. However, that’s where the comparison stops.

Thermacell users immediately achieve major advantages and benefits over traditional methods.

Product - Thermacell's product suite is suitable for every project.
  • Product - Lower product cost per square metre.
  • Product – It’s a one-piece product, unlike others that may require up to 8 components to make one unit.
  • Product - No ‘down time’ to assemble, no issues with essential components being lost or not delivered.
  • Product – It’s so easy to use, it’s child’s play to put together.
  • Labour - Do it yourself (so simple to lay), use any labourer, bricklayer or blocklayer.
  • Time to completion - Our builders have reported walls up in three days, home lockup within 14 weeks.
  • Energy savings - Our project managers and clients have reported huge energy savings – heating/cooling usage slashed to around 5-10% of that for a conventional home.
  • Strength – A Thermacell home is up to 8 times stronger than double brick - strong enough to beat even a cyclone, hurricane or critical event.
  • Thermal - Constant internal temperatures - that’s why we call them ‘Comfort Homes’.
  • Acoustic - Absorbs, dampens and may even eliminate external and internal noise.
  • MONEY - savings are achieved on material costs, labour time, time to completion and energy costs ... for life!

Heat, cold and sound insulation between rooms and from noisy streets are standard features of the Thermacell building system. You achieve real energy savings thanks to the insulating factors of Thermacell. Smaller heating systems are required, and in some cases air-conditioning may become unnecessary. The use of low-energy ceiling fans increases the effectiveness of the Thermacell system. Energy savings can easily be between 50% and 80% when double-glazed windows are also used, compared with an average uninsulated brick veneer home with single-glazed windows. Further major benefits and advantages to an ICF home owner are that they are low maintenance, provide a comfortable living environment (which is why they are known as ‘Comfort Homes’), and deliver considerable energy savings year-in, year-out FOR LIFE! These real savings on energy help pay off your home quicker, or can be spent on other things that matter to you.

Thermacell is a unique, proven insulated building system which incorporates:

  • Permanent formwork – considered THE industry standard by thousands over our 25 years in the business.
  • Excellent thermal qualities - solid insulation, saving heating & cooling costs.
  • Excellent acoustics - quieter, passive, more comfortable living.
  • Flame-retardant & vermin-resistant materials - complying to building standards.
  • Ease of construction - faster completion means savings to you.
  • Excellent strength - many times stronger than any other ICF building product on the market.



Thermacell blocks are available in a number of different sizes. Simply choose the Thermacell block that’s right for you
  • 125mm – Used for interior walls, garages & small buildings
  • 150mm – Used for internal walls and/or a combination of exterior and internal walls for single storey houses.
  • 200mm – Used for external walls on two storey buildings, factories & retaining walls
  • 250mm – Used for external walls on multi-storey buildings & for retaining walls


Over the nearly thirty years Thermacell has been in business, we have worked with several different builders, construction companies and tradesmen. We have compiled a list of just some of these builders and tradesmen Read More

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