Given that the primary material of the Thermacell system is inert inedible adein polystyrene and concrete, termite protection should not be required under the BCA. This however, as with all structures, does not preclude the need for termite protection, especially for structures that have other primary building elements that pose a potential risk of attack (eg: timber roof trusses, timber subfloors, etc.)

We have copied a portion of BCA2004 Volume 2 part 3.1 which provides guidance on the requirement for termite protection.

The following definitions are used in this Part:

Primary building element means a member of a building designed specifically to take part of the building loads and includes roof, ceiling, floor, stairway or ramp and wall framing members including bracing members designed for the specific purpose of acting as a brace to those members.


(ii) Buildings that have all their primary building elements constructed of one, or a combination of, the following materials:


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