About 6 years ago, Trevor and Megan Ryan commenced building their 3 storey home on Phillip Island. It was a mammoth task for an owner builder.. I saw it go up in stages as we delivered blocks to the site.. Recently I was invited to look over the finished home and obtain photographs. I was amazed at the size of this 3 storey home (105 Squares) the quality of the workmanship of the building and the finish and decor. I especially admired the 10 seat theatre room and the beautiful staircase at the front entrance. The house with its Thermacell walls many of them curved, and the double glazed windows and doors, made it acoustically excellent. It is also has great sound proofing qualities, and is extremely energy efficient. The views from the rear of the house overlooking a gold course is wonderful. I am sure that Megan had a Lot to do with choosing the decor in the house.

I was surprised to hear Trevor say that the house was for SALE and that he was going to build another smaller home on a 5 acre site nearby. I do not know how he could part with the home that he was worked so hard for, but I guess that he just likes looking forward to a new project. Congratulations to Trevor and Megan for a job well done

Geoff Bennett - Managing Director - Thermacell Australia