In 1997 My wife and I began to build our new Thermacell home at Somerville. We had already build a large equipment shed on the property where we built our office and stored our Thermacell blocks. We have been conducting our business from there until now. We completed the home in January 1998 and moved in. We have been displaying our home to interested person since then. I would like to say our home is thermally efficient due to the Thermacell wall and the use of Double glazed windows. The home is very quiet and noise the road and roundabout outside is hardly discernible. Heating costs are down to about 5% of a normal uninsulated home.

Due to the extremely solid concrete filled Thermacell walls inside and out, sound transmission throughout the house is very minimal. We only heat the kitchen and T.V.Room with a reverse cycle heater which is very cheap to run. For most of the year, we never use it as the house stays at a very constant and comfortable temperature. Our home faces north and in the winter time the sun shines under the outside verandas and shines through the double glazed windows. At night time the double glazed windows, traps the heat in the rooms, and prevents it from exiting through the windows. Bedrooms are always cosy and never need heating.

The outsider render never needs painting and after 12 years still looks like the day that it was finished. It could be said that I am preduced in favour of Thermacell, but in my opinion. Thermacell homes are the "Rolls Royce" of homes and most other homes are substandard by comparison.

Geoff Bennett - Managing Director - Thermacell Australia