Some years ago our church decided to construct a storage facility and office to store food products for distribution to the poor and needy in our community. We decided to use the Thermacell insulated building system because of its strength, and insulated properties necessary for the storage of food products. also because of its ease of construction that allowed a working bee made up from members of our Church. The building went up quickly and has been a great success. This building keeps the atmosphere cool and dry, and was inexpensive to build. Recently we built a 50 Sq. Metre extension to house our Sunday school. Again our church working bee constructed this Thermacell extension We constructed the building using those that were available several women and a few men, it was easy to use and every one enjoyed the process. We had the walls up in a matter of 3 days and had the building to lock up stage in just a week. The following weekend the electricians came in and then the next weekend we plastered the walls and ceiling and carpeted the floor in total we were about 14 days from slab to finished. This room has good acoustics and is warm and cosy and the children love it. We call it the "Greenhouse". With a double glazed window and the insulated walls, the atmosphere is always excellent. Building these buildings by the church members gives a sense of satisfaction and achievement

Pastor Rod Whitford of the Western Port Christian Family Church at Tyabb Vic.